Allspark can be used

by Auto players to:

Curate their target audience in real-time and estimate reach in different places.
Engage with the target audience in real-time, across channels.
Understand the behavior of audience in the digital and physical world, by mapping their journey with cross-screen data.
Ingest their own datasets such as CRM data into Allspark to get an enhanced, unified view of their consumers across products and places.
Get Allspark data through DaaS API for making data-driven decisions.
Measure and compare store visits to their own and competitor stores.
Drive footfall to their showrooms and events, to promote their products and raise brand awareness.
Identify the best places to open their next stores with rich insights from smart environments.
Segment existing car owners into buckets based on residential location or driving behaviour.
Understand customer base of competitor vehicles to identify gaps in marketing and product offering.
Identify people movement to determine the optimal size and capacity of vehicle to support new product development.
Understand Understand which media channel influenced their consumer walk-in, and make smarter marketing decisions.