Allspark can be used

by the BFSI industry to:

Curate their target audience in real-time and estimate reach in different locations.
Create predictive lending models to estimate the demand for home loans.
Get the heat map of footfalls at different bank and insurance office locations to make staffing decisions.
Reach their target audience on desktops, tablets and smartphones to cross-sell and upsell products.
Create your audience in Allspark, and ingest data on this audience into your system via Allspark APIs.
Estimate demand of commercial loans, for credit risk analysis and for detecting credit card fraud.
Identify their consumers across channels and places for a unified consumer view.
Measure competitor customer movement to identify gaps in current offering.
Understand the earnings and revenue of blue-chip stocks based on the monthly and yearly footfall trends to fine-tune investment strategy.
Ingest their CRM data and get their own version of Allspark to get customised insight into their customers.