Telecommunication players

can use Allspark to:

Curate their audience segments and reach them in real-time, across channels.
Understand switching patterns of consumers between telco players.
Understand the behavior of their audience in the digital and physical world by mapping their journey with data from multiple devices.
Analyze audience that walks into their own and competitor stores, in terms of demography, peak visitation day, time, and rate.
Get insights (such as usage patterns, devices used, telecom operator, and browsing patterns) on consumers that are connected to WiFi and Cellular networks.
Ingest their own datasets, such as CRM data, into Allspark to get an enhanced, unified view of their consumers.
Get Allspark data through DaaS APIs for data-driven decisions in merchandising, staffing and other business operations.
Understand the touchpoints that influence consumer walk-ins and be smarter with mapping consumer journeys.
Identify where to install new cell towers for better coverage based on movement of your customers vs competitors' customers.
Curate audience of people who live/work in certain areas and suburbs for Local Area Marketing.