The Opportunity

The Director, DevOps for Near is the leadership role and oversees all activities of all the devops managers and engineers. Duties includes overseeing the day-to-day activities and to support the business’s data centers, software, applications platforms that service the entire business. It is a demanding role that requires the candidate to be capable of leading cross-functional teams in a hands-on manner, diagnosing complex issues on the various platforms, and playing a leading role in software, platform, application architectural evolution.

The role demands extensive programming experience and has served extensively the business’s sites, software, applications at a production and support capacity. Demonstrates superior troubleshooting skills and has extensive knowledge in monitoring and alerting mechanisms.

Tasks include

  • Oversees and guides all activities of the DevOps team.
  • Leads the design, build, and operational management of highly secure and scalable sites/software for the business.
  • Implement systems infrastructure best practices, building tools and deploy impeccable sites/software.
  • Creating tools that leverage productivity amplifiers such as code generators and schema repositories for scalable deployment.
  • Responsible for quality assurance and continuous site/software testing. Design and build infrastructure for sites/software, ensuring the highest levels of security and responding swiftly to any new and emerging vulnerabilities and security threats.
  • Create tools and automated workflow capabilities in order to enable the business’s software engineering teams to test and promote code.
  • Build, configure, and maintain the frameworks, tools, and systems that enable optimal performance of the business’s sites/software.
  • Work hand-in-hand with the frontend and backend engineering teams in all technical operations and to reduce or eliminate any repetitive or manual tasks.
  • Collaborates with the quality assurance department in creating solution designs, capacity planning, and performance optimization.


  • Education: Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electronics or other relevant field.
  • Experience: Overall 10-12 years of IT experience out of which 5-7years in DevOps Manager and Leadership role, working within a fast-paced and fast-evolving environment.
  • The candidate will further have a demonstrated experience in enterprise network technologies as well as experience working in a large database operation environment.
  • The candidate must similarly demonstrate vast experience writing code and have experience in the automation, configuration, and application performance management tools such as Ansible, Nagios, NewRelic, Nagios, Graphite, cacti and Ganglia etc.
  • Prior experience in setting up a instances in Data center and Cloud environment .
  • Experience working with Web, Internet & Load Balancing and Big data technologies.
  • Good at administration of Big Data ecosystems - hadoop, hive, spark, airflow and cassandra.
  • Experience or familiarity with database technologies - Redis, HBase, MySQL, mongoDB and Cassandra.
  • Must have experience in configuration management tools - Puppet, CHEF, fabric, and Ansible.
  • Must have experience in any one of the programming languages - Python/Ruby/Perl - Python is more preferable.
  • Should be highly capable of deploying sites/software with Puppet, Salt, Ansible, and so forth as well as hands on experience with tools such as Hadoop, Kafka, Mesos, Spark, Storm, Elasticsearch, and Cassandra.

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