What we stand for...

If a challenging work environment doesn't excite you, then you definitely don't belong to a startup. But probably no one told you that a great culture is not just about work; it's work + life. At Near, it also means freedom.



  • Believe in Freedom & Responsibility
  • Disrupt the Status Quo
  • Are unreasonably selective about
    Our Colleagues
  • Believe in Work plus Life
  • Are a perpetual Work In Progress


  • Stay curious and rapidly challenge
    prevailing assumptions with new ideas
  • Keep us nimble by finding practical
    solutions to hard problems

So what we do:

Don't hire to delegate but to elevate

Hire people smarter than you,
whom you can learn from.


And we ask our members:

Be either a go-getter or one who supports a go-getter

Who are you?

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