Gokul Krishnan

Know Your Colleague – Gokul Krishnan

In Near’s Know Your Colleague series, you will get to know the members of Team Near who play a key role in driving Near’s mission, values and day-to-day operations. This is a monthly series, and we shall have one employee cover every month. This month we asked a few questions to Gokul Krishnan, our Creative Visualisation Manager who is based out of our Bangalore office (currently working remotely) and recently completed four years at Near. Here’s what he had to say:

Gokul Krishnan

Gokul, Congratulations on your work anniversary at Near. How do you feel about this?

Awesome! It feels great to have grown with Near.

So, tell us about your journey/experience at Near and what made you chose Near?

My decision to join Near was primarily based on the wonderful people in the core team, and that I wanted to be a part of the Mobile Marketing & Data industry. We were a young company then, and it gave me an opportunity to learn about this sector. I can honestly say that joining Near was one of the best decisions of my life. I STILL love my team and we have gone from strength to strength, to become the largest location intelligence platform. The flat organization work culture here promotes transparency, so I feel like I am working with a bunch of friends, rather than just colleagues.

What are your key responsibilities in your current role?

I am responsible for the visual representation of the Near corporate brand, and for maintaining and consistently upholding all standards of brand identity. I also had an opportunity to work on product design, which was a great experience.

Near logo branded under Golden ratio
Near logo branded under Golden ratio

Who do you work closely with?

I work closely with the marketing team, but the nature of my role gives me an opportunity to work with cross-functional teams.

In this 4 year span, what has been your learnings/challenges?

Design standards are evolving for the better as we speak. The challenge is balancing the great design ideas with the actual doing. We need to anticipate technological change, adapt to it, master it, excel and then be open to new influences, all in a very short time. At Near, we get to execute all of this. Fresh ideas are always welcome.

Gokul Krishnan Photography
An evening golden hour along the southern county mountain range

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I am a Aquascaper and Photographer during my free time.

An award winning shape of IAPLC

Lastly, any interesting experience or thing about you that you’d like to share that most of us don’t know?

I am a certified ADA ambassador, and a rank holder in the 2015 International Aquascaping Contest.