International Women's Day

International Women's Day 2018

Aditi Kholi

Aditi Kohli,
Vice President, Global Partnerships

It’s been three highly eventful years for me at Near, in a couple of impactful global & regional roles - surrounded by a team of very talented and inspiring individuals. We are on a mission of constant innovation, aiming for customer delight and most importantly having loads of fun along the way. As a mum of two with a fair bit of work-related travel, Near gives me ample opportunities for work-life balance. I look forward to each day with excitement, to make a meaningful difference to our business.

Charu Sethi

Charu Sethi,
Sr. Analyst Finance

It has been a true privilege to be a part of the growth and maturity of this company and I have been given so many incredible opportunities to further myself as a financial personnel and as a person. Near has a great vision and mission, inspiring senior leaders and the best culture and values. I am glad to be part of Near’s amazing journey.

Chelsea Mok

Chelsea Mok,
Customer Success Manager, ANZ

I have worked at Near for just over 2 years now and it has been an amazing journey. Near is a workplace which provides great work-life balance and great supportive culture, which I truly believe it is made up by the peers at Near which makes it so great to work for as a company.

Kshama Zingade

Kshama Zingade,
Data Analyst

At Near, I have grown rapidly as an individual in a thriving work environment, where learning is greatly encouraged. For the past year, days have gone by in a whirlwind of acquiring new skills and implementing them, discussing with colleagues and sharing the aha-moments! The mix of engaging work plus learning, awesome people and practices makes for a ‘near’-heady concoction. It is brewed to perfection with a generous dash of play from the hearty laughs in Nearvana, fun-team activities and boisterous mafia games on friday evenings!

Michelle Zhou

Michelle Zhou,
Vice President, Global Customer Success

It has been an amazing five years for me at Near. And I have to say not for a single day, I have not woken up excited to go to work. Near trusted me and gave me multiple great opportunities to grow my career in doing what excites me, learning from my colleagues and growing with the company. At Near we truly believe in the culture we are building - we hire great people and give them freedom to be awesome. We know that only when we love what we do, our customers will love us back.

Michelle Tran

Michelle Tran,
Sr. Manager - Customer Success, ANZ

Near is really at the forefront of how they approach women in business. I’ve worked at Near for over 3 years now, and it has been the most balanced time in my whole career. It has allowed me to juggle both work and personal life, offering the flexibility to achieve both facets to a point where you can feel, as a woman, that you indeed can have it all!

Rashmi Vinitha

Rashmi Vinitha,
Asst. Manager - HR & Admin

Having worked at Near for over 8 months, Near has provided me an opportunity to be an Independent worker - "You own what you do" - which I think is one of the most vital aspects of building a career. We also conduct many charity events & fun activities like in-house tournaments that not only helps you engage but learn things outside of work. In my free time at Near, I'm learning to play Table Tennis which is exciting to me.

Renuka Parthiban

Renuka Parthiban,
Office Manager

After having worked in multiple places I joined Near in 2015, and must say, it has been amazing throughout. Apart from the many new things I got to learn here, Near has also been instrumental in helping me maintain a work life balance, and has given me the flexibility to be able to manage personal and professional life with equal ease. The work culture has been amazing, and the place is always open to new ideas, plus of course, the Team Near is absolutely AWESOME :-). I am confident Near is set to achieve many more milestones in the coming days and I am indeed proud to be part of this wonderful journey.

M S Satya

M S Satya,
Software Engineer

Four years of my time here at Near was well spent and has been a great learning experience. Near has given me opportunities to establish myself as a confident individual (both personally and professionally) and to gain expertise in my current role. Near has also given me a chance to learn new technologies and data products that will help to enhance my career path. Most importantly, I've met some interesting and like-minded people who I consider not only as my colleagues but as great friends.

Smriti Kataria

Smriti Kataria,
Director, Marketing & Research

My journey at Near has been about getting things done with some really smart colleagues, who thrive in a fast growth environment. With 65 people in the company, we’ve always believed in working in tight teams and achieved more than we set out for. The company’s performance driven culture, coupled with workplace flexibility has ensured equal opportunity for all.