Sooraj Balakrishnan

Know Your Colleague – Sooraj Balakrishnan

In Near’s Know Your Colleague series, you will get to know the members of Team Near who play a key role in driving Near’s mission, values and day-to-day operations. This is a monthly series, and we shall have one employee cover every month. This month we asked a few questions to Sooraj Balakrishnan, Product Engineering Lead who is based out of our Bangalore office and has been with Near over 5 years. Here’s what he had to say:

Sooraj Balakrishnan

Sooraj, tell us about yourself:

I am basically from Kasaragod, North Kerala, about 8-10hrs drive from Bangalore. I grew up in Kerala and Gujarat. I have lived in various parts of India and moved to Bangalore in 2012.

Sooraj Balakrishnan

You are one of the early employees of Near. How has your experience been at Near so far?

I joined when it was AdNear as the 7th person (yes, the 007) and it has been 5 years of a super awesome journey.

So, what is your latest addition in your gadget collection?

I am waiting for the shipment of a phone controller paper airplane (a kickstarter project). The last one I bought was Sony PS4 Pro.

Your other hobbies/interests:

I love to drive (medium/long distance). I am a traveller (not a tourist), I enjoy the journey not just the destination. I occasionally watch movies. Sometimes look in to equity stock markets. Recent interest has been in crypto currencies.

Sooraj Balakrishnan

Most passionate about:

Food. Nothing other than that. I try everything from street food to five star ones. I was a foodie once. I like to read but I haven’t read many books. I read a lot on the internet every day. I have few books in my Kindle mostly into military stories and tech.

One dish that you can never say no to?

Kerala Parotta & Beef Fry

One movie that you wouldn’t mind watching over and over again.

I love military movies. I can watch those n number of times. Recent one was Dunkirk.