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With at least 30 major retailers announcing store closures in 2017, staying afloat and accelerating growth in the digital age are the main challenges faced by retailers today.

Near’s new eBook, “How Retailers can use Ambient Data for a Multi-Channel Strategy”, highlights why retailers need to invest rather than divest in today’s digitally augmented world.


This eBook will help you answers these key questions:

  • How do I increase footfalls to my stores?
  • Where do my consumers work/live?
  • Where should I open my next store?
  • How far do my consumers travel to reach my store?
  • Will opening a new store cannibalize my existing store sales?
  • Where should I spend my marketing budget to maximize ROI?
  • Where do they make the final purchase: In store? Over mobile/tablets? Over
    a phone call?
  • Do my consumers visit my competitors? How often?

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