Make your first party data (CRM, loyalty, digital and mobile) effective for better
sales and product development, without any complex integrations.

Enrich your First Party
Data to Sell Better

Understand your audience better by enriching your first party data. Get smarter in monetizing your product and provide better customer experiences.

Leverage Advanced Audience
Segmentation to Drive Upsell

Segment your existing customers better to upsell products based on their interests and preferences.

Build Engaging Products

Make your data products more intelligent with deep insights on where your customers live, work, play, shop and how they behave in the real world.

Actionable intelligence for marketing, OOH planning, retail analytics,
attribution and publisher sales planning.

Build Data-Driven Strategies
for Business and Marketing

Get access to actionable insights for your own and your competitor's audience to build effective strategies.

Leverage location, spend, footfall, commute, content, weather, visitation, demography, and multiple other data sets to help your business get ahead.

Use Real-World Activity based on
Locations to Plan and Measure Better

Plan your spends better, and measure results with people analytics for any place, store and billboard.

Plan and Measure
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