Curate rich audiences by overlaying diverse datasets in the Near Platform, including your first party data.
Activate them across platforms for better results and returns on spends.

New Campaign Creation

Activate your curated audience

on platform of choice by exporting your audience
or with Near's partner integrations.

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Identify "lookalike audiences"

similar to your current customers or your competitors' customers and target them to drive acquisition. Reach your audiences across screens - smartphones, tablets and desktops for optimised results.

Reach audiences from over 1.6 billion users across
mobiles, tablets and desktops, across 21 countries.

Curate your audience

using multiple datasets such as location, content consumption, visit frequency, brand affinity, competitor intelligence, demography, home location, and even your CRM data along with exclusion rules.

Make media planning efficient

with real-time audience estimates of your audience across digital channels and compare results to get smarter with budget allocation.

Run your campaigns

in video, native and display formats and A/B test on formats, audience, locations, days, times that work best for your brand.

Measure attribution

across channels with metrics such as store walk-ins and clicks per audience, creative, device, and location.

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